Coilovers suspension kit install


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Anyone remember how much they spent to have coilovers installed?


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I would but I have no time, not much tools available. I work long hours and I rather have a VW/AUDI specialized shop install it for me. Yes, it won't be cheap.

Cheap is expensive... don't buy cheap coilovers!!!


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350.00 labor
I have done it myself. With an impact driver the works goes pretty quickly and once you get your tools out, have car up in air and have a helper, you can do it in a long morning easily for a first timer that has at least watched a video and knows what they are in for. Only a couple of special tools needed which are inexpensive. Just have to order them in advance. I paid 350 to have it done because I was lazy and then had to remove them, have the dampners sent out and revalved and then reinstall it all. Was not going to pay for it again.
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