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What dog bone did you get? I've read that it creates horrible vibrations. Whats your experience?

Ill let you know in a few days, are you manual or dsg?, My buddy has the neuspeed in his manual and it feels normal to me, I have dsg and I heard its bad in the dsg but I figured I would give it a try cuz some people are babies


Neuspeed is great, I don't notice the vibrations at all being manual. Could be different in the DSG, but I can't imagine it would be that bad.


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I've been pretty happy with the 034 billet insert. Anyone is more than welcome to come take my car for a drive and give it a feel.


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I will be trying the 034 insert. Currently running neuspeed with dsg. Vibrations in reverse and with air conditioner on at stop lights.


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Quick thoughts on 034 insert after my drive to work this morning.
Less NVH overall compared to neuspeed.

In reverse NVH has seem to have disappeared compared to the neuspeed. Will test it some more....

Might be a tad more NVH from takeoff at a stop light until about 1500 RPM.

Also seemed to shift a little smoother than the when the neuspeed was in.

So as of right now seems to be a better insert overall compared to the neuspeed