Coolant disappearing


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Have a 2103 GTTdi and recently the coolant has been mysteriously vanishing.

Checked the tank in the morning, drove 20 miles parked and when I went back to the car 4 hrs later got the warning to check coolant levels.....bottle was completely empty. Bottle has been full for the past week after work carried out (see below) and ive driven about 100 miles.

Had the timing belt and pump replaced 8 months ago however since then I noticed a loss in heat on the drivers side of the cabin even when climate control set to Full.

Had it in with mechanic who did a pressure test over night and the car didnt lose any pressure, in the end they noticed small white patches round the bonnet legs and some hoses so they replaced the coolant bottle. This hasnt fixed the issue.

The mechanic said it might be head gasket however there are no other symptoms oil lid no gunge, oil on dipstick black and not watery, no smoke out the back and no loss of power.....hopefully this still suggests no head gasket issue.

Car not overheating either, gauge always sitting at halfway.

Anyone any other ideas? Have it booked in with mechanic again tomorrow but dont want a big bill if it can be avoided.