Cooling fan HELP!


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I noticed an issue with my main (big) cooling fan on my 2011 GTI. Sometimes, it seems to not turn on, other times, it does.

A few times, when idling for extended periods of time with the A/C on, the temperature began to creep up slowly. The smaller fan was screaming but the big fan wasn't turning at all.

Other times, the Main fan and sub fan seemed to run without issues.

I've also noticed my A/C performance really struggle at idle, which of course now I know is due to the fan not running (sometimes, it seems to happen most often when the car is parked and very hot) . Are both fans supposed to run all the time with the ac on?

Any thoughts on what to check? The fan spins freely and seems to run fine when it actually works.


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I would replace the fan that has the module in it, the big fan if i remember right. My car was having erratic fan operation and my car would get too hot because of it. Replaced the fan with module and that issue is no more. Make sure you take yours out beforehand and inspect it as some come with the module built in and others dont.


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I had the same issue as you, but backwards. Big fan was working but the small A/C fan was not. So I basically replaced the whole fan unit (both fans), which was cheaper, and it works perfectly fine now!