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corrosion claim


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2011 GTI, 55,000 km
I noticed a rust spot on the panel under the driver's door. I took it to an autonomy shop that I trust and the guy said that he could feel bubbling under the paint along that panel that was not yet rusting. He said that it was a factory application issue and that I should take it to VW rather than pay him to fix it.

I took it to my dealership who took pictures and said they would submit it to VW for repair authorization. He said it was very likely to be approved.

Well it just got turned down.

I asked the dealership what to do and they gave me the VW Canada number and a PV number to quote. I called VW and the service rep put me on hold and said that once they have turned down a request there is no appeal. The representative said it would have been covered for 4 years or 60,000kms whichever came first.

I said come on, surely they can send a VW representative to meet me at the dealership to inspect the area as bubbling is not going to be visible in a photo.

She absolutely refused.

What, if any are my options, if any?


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Photos please.. VW’s corrosion warranty is 12years but it must be coming from the inside outwards and not caused by a stone chip or previous repair etc.


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The rust is on the surface but the body shop said it was due to faulty paint application as he ran his hand along the panel and said it was bubbling in other spots.

I know VW has a 12 year perforation warranty but this is not a perforation.

Likely there is nothing to do at this point and the body shop said they would be happy to strip and repaint the panel. It will only be $300 and this is a well respected shop.

But when he told me that I should approach VW my first thought was that if he was willing to lose a job because he thought it would be a warranty issue than he was likely right.


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I got a p2015 code Intake manifold runner flap error. I was like sweet everyone talking about an extended warranty etc come to find out it was a service campaign and only certain vins were considered mine was not had to pay out of pocket for everything. Such a let down when u think something is covered then its not.

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