Cost to flash a performance tune at a dealer - GIAC or any other company like APR etc


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How much did you folks happen to pay around to have your car flashed with a GIAC tune or APR or any other tune at authorized dealers for the tuning company? I was thinking about going to Tyrolsport but at this time of day most shops are closed so I am not able to call and see. So I am now curious as to what I should expect. Thanks!


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Most places were around a $50 fee from what I remember.

If you want APR, DriveAutoworks always flashed my car for free. Updates included.


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I feel like I've suggested it all over the forum these days but this is yet another place COBB Accessport shines
you can order a unit you plug into the port under your dash and tune yourself after pressing a few buttons. No need to pay for or work with any shop.
You also get a few stage 1 & stage 2 tunes until/if you decide to get a custom one