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csumt76 2013 GTI


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Sad day... I was in line at Raising Canes getting chicken tendies when it rolled over I think.
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Love the gold....I’m only a 2.5er....didn’t come with a hoodliner. My girl howls like chewbacca with a Gatling paint or heat issues evident

Totally going gold.....who knows when you have to signal aircraft or cargo ships..
Aint nothing wrong with a 2.5!

Hard to say for sure since I don't have any before data. The temp here has been anywhere from 30-75* lately. The few times I checked the hood it was never over 105* and that was above the exhaust. A lot of people saying they're running with nothing... But my paint is clean and I spent a lot of time making it that way. I got this stuff from Aliexpress. The ad said it was reflect a gold and astronomically cheaper than DEI products sold in the US. Is it the same thing? Not sure.. But it's on there and seems to be holding up well. I have an unopened package thats 1x1.2 Meters.. I used an xl pizza box to make the templates. If you're interested shoot me a message, will hook it up for $$
Eh whatever. Sounds good to me


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Forgetting to update here. Installed led tails. They are "Cherry" Hella LED for right hand traffic, left hand drive, with rear fog(in left lamp). These are the part numbers. I got the plugs from Aliexpress(sans corona) for about $22.

2TZ010409-141, 2SA010409-131, 2SD010408-071, 2SD010408-081... I cross referenced these numbers with VW lights off another site :)

I also used this opportunity to use some glaze and clean up the paint beneath the lamps. I wasn't able to get it with my polisher when I did the Kamikaze coating. I hit it with some overcoat to hopefully reduce dirt build up in the future.


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