CT (New Haven) Shop Recommendations


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Hey all,

Simple one here, tried searching but the search function isn't worth a damn.

Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good shop in the New Haven CT area. I had been using Lydell Motors while I owned the Saab - they were one of the Saab community's listed Indies - but not sure their track record with VW. I'm not in need of services right now but will be looking at a suspension refresh in the future.


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Excelerate Performance seems to have a good rep. My car has never been there, but I have ordered from them.


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Excelerate is very good, but some of their services (alignments, tire rotate/balance, etc) are exorbitantly priced. But if you need big stuff done, they're actually really reasonable.

SST Auto in Danbury is also absolutely incredible. I go to them for various things as well.