Daily Exhaust Setup


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Hey everyone,

i’m 16 and just bought a 2010 gti. I’ve been researching exhausts relentlessly and can’t decide on one. My car had an ECS tuning resonator delete when we bought it, although whoever installed it did a pretty sketchy job. It sounds decent when under load, but other than that it sounds stock. I want something that will really set it apart from everything else, but i don’t want it to sound like a shitbox. I also don’t want too much drone, as i do a good amount of highway driving. Any suggestions from the veterans on here?


ps- i am running a stage 1 IE tune and an ECS cold air intake


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love my uni exhaust... very quiet at idle and light throttle... so i dont sounds like some douchebag ricer. .. and opens up nice at full throttle


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I have been running the Beluga Racing catback exhaust since I had my APR stage 1 tune and intake and it sounded good but wasn't too loud at all. I added an ARM Motorsports catted downpipe and that woke it up some more. No highway drone and plenty loud when you get on it. I now have a K04 and it sounds even better and I get compliments on the exhaust note all the time.