dcpppf Build Thread CSG '12 Autobahn


Ready to race!
I previously owned an ’05 cavalier. Had it since my junior year of high school all through college. After about 100k miles and having a real job for 7 months I finally got me a 2012 GTI. I went with a CSG Autobahn 6 speed 4 door. Was able to finance for zero percent as the ‘13s were rolling out in the next month.

20% Tint
Clear Bra
DEPO Black Cherries

APR Carbonio Stage 1 (6,367 mi)
APR Stage 1 Tune (6,367 mi)
BFI Torque Arm Insert (7,255 mi)
APR Stage 2 Tune (8,955 mi)
APR 3" Downpipe (8,955 mi)
R8 Coil Packs (9,563 mi)

10” Pioneer Sub With Uberstealth Box, JL Amp, and LC2i
DG Short Shifter
Verdict Shifter Bushings
Monster Mats
Cargo Liner
Vag Com Coding
Soundaktor Delete
Poor Mans Auto Hatch Pop

Southbend Stage 3 drop in (<-- not really want but will probably need someday)
Turbo Outlet Pipe
Throttle Body Pipe

This is where I’m at so far. Still young and never had a car to mod so it’s a pretty weak list. Feel free to offer up some suggestions
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Ready to race!
Got the stage 2 reflash with APRs DP and love it thus far. I had a 2.5 hour trip back from the tuner so after about halfway I assumed it was good and broken in so I decided to see how I liked it. Car felt stronger, pulled harder, sounded great. Has a nice meaty tone to it. I have heard some complaints about driving around town with the stage 2 tune, and haven't had much of a feel for that yet. But so far I am very pleased with the upgrade!