DFW: Time for our "shortest distance" rally again!


Passed Driver's Ed
19 August, 2017 . . . . DFW MAP RALLY . . . . "The Grapeful Dead Tour"


The Texas Region of the Sports Car Club of America invites you to a fun drive in the country on paved roads north of McKinney in Texas. The team who visits all the required landmarks in the shortest distance will win, and the winners will receive awards. Speed is not a factor.
• Starting Place: Clay Cooley Volkswagen of Richardson, 300 N. Central Expy, Richardson, TX 75080. Registration opens at 9:00am
• The odo check ends at Crow's Country Cafe in Anna. Here you will receive your maps and your instructions for finding the dozen or so locations (mostly in Collin County) that you have to locate, and then visit.
• Take one-half hour to determine your route from map(s) provided.
• Cars leave the official start in any order (but 1 minute apart).
• Length: as short as you can in miles, about 2-1/2 hours in time.
• Finish: back at Crow's Country Cafe, where you got your map.
• Route: You choose your route from maps provided. You may use any public road you wish in your attempt to log the shortest distance on your odometer. Unpaved roads may be used, but there are reasonable routes that are entirely paved.
• Classes: First-timer, Novice (3 rally trophies or less), General, and Master (this is an optional class: no trophies).
• Vehicles: Sports Cars, Family Cars, Classic Cars, Antiques, Hot Rods, Cruisers, Convertibles, anything with 4 wheels that’s street legal is OK in this Rally. Cars built before 1940 will get a little extra time. Thirty cars entered our last rally, including one Volkswagen.
• Rally Fee: $25.00 SCCA Members: $5.00 discount. Preregistration at is highly recommended. Those who preregister will receive the rally "General Instructions" a few days before rally day via email. A $5.00 late fee will be assessed to anyone not preregistered on The Rallymaster is John Poulos.

On public roads, always at legal speeds, with plenty of entertainment for you and a friend.....Join us!


Passed Driver's Ed
Late news on the DFW MAP RALLY, Aug.19

The first bit of news is that the start has been moved up from 9am to 10am….an extra hour of sleep on rally day!

The rally is sub-titled "The Grapeful Dead Tour" because all of the scoring points are at cemeteries, wineries, or vineyards.

At Clay Cooley VW in Richardson, park East of the Service Department (enter off Jackson St.), and walk into the showroom.

At registration, you will receive a written “Safety Briefing,” and your odometer check instructions. You may leave immediately on the odo check run.

At Crow's Country Cafe in Anna, after you determine your route, you may leave in any order...just check in with the starter to have your odo recorded.

I have visited Crow’s Country Café. How did such a big place get in such a small town? I’m sure we will all enjoy it. I made up my own route, and drove it. The best route I could figure out used some familiar Collin County roads, and some I had never seen. Nothing I chose from the map turned out to be unpaved, or particularly rough. Your choices may vary!

If you tried recently to pre-register and could not, do it now: it has been fixed!