Diluted's Build Thread


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The damn mod bug has bit me big time. Having a hard time not charging all the things lol.

Things calling my name...
Neuspeed FMIC
Neuspeed RSe52 (Bronze) w/Tires
034 Engine/Trans Mounts
034 Catch Can (for some reason, looks maybe?)
Unitronic DV Relocate
Dieselgeek Sigma 6
Raceseng Slammer 6
TyrolSport Rear Hatch Brace (probably just stage 1 for now)
TyrolSport Shifter Bushings
TyrolSport Rear Deadset
Analog Boost Gauge and Tap (pod mount preferred)

I'm hopeful that TyrolSport will be doing another group buy soon so I could order most of their stuff for a little cheaper. The catch can like I stated I think I like just because it looks cool. I should probably cross it off the list.

I do need to get my timing chain tensioner replaced, so that should be up there as #1 since none of this other stuff will do me any good with a blown engine.

Nice list. And you do know that Tyrolsport is having a group buy for a bunch of their products now, right?! Look here.


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Damn! That looks amazing, do you know how low you are FTG?
Installing my set of ST's on my car this weekend, and I'm trying to get my car to sit like yours!

I can't remember off hand, I think it was like 24.5". They're spun all the way down front and back.


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Did not order parts! :D
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