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Distorted/fluttering audio RCD310


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Hey everyone!

Wanted to ask if anyone has heard of this issue. My brother just bought a used 2012 golf with a RCD310 that has an audio issue. When the car is off, the audio is "OK". it sounds a tad distorted when you turn up the volume a bit but when the engine is on, the distortion is unbearable.

It sounds like the audio is fluttering when bass kicks in and this only occurs when the engine is on. It occurs on CD/AUX/FM radio so its every source.

Things I still need to try:
1. unplug ground from battery to let car sit with no power to reset.
2. Scan car with vag com to read codes.
3. Pull Radio out and see how it looks in the center stack
4. Check ground points

If all fails, I may buy a 330+ and hopefully its just a bad head unit.


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Firstly, the 310 is junk, it will distort badly very early in its volume range. Secondly, are there some speakers that the distortion is worse from? Fade the audio all the way to the front and listen, then all the way left, right, rear, etc. Check each door independently, maybe you have one or more blown speakers.