DIY - TT-RS control arm bushings, without a press


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For a spirited daily driver, do you recommend these over the Superpro, whiteline, etc. that have the added caster, based on price?
It depends on if you’re ok with slightly heavier steering, as that’s a side effect of increased caster. I’m not sure how much these increase effort on these cars, but for me I’m fine with how my steering is weighted.

Generally speaking people seem to be very happy with the +caster bushings, but all I wanted was the benefits of a solid bushing with no change in geometry.


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Just put my new TTRS/RS3 solid control arm bushings in today along with new lemforder front bushings. Was a pain to press and install the new front bushings but got it done. Big difference over the older two hole S3 ones I had. Car feels a lot tighter but not much of an increase in steering heaviness. There's almost no NVH increase over the S3 bushings.


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I forgot to mention. For anyone who wants to remove the driver side control arm on the DSG, remove your dogbone mount and take your widow maker jack and wedge it between the subframe and back of engine block and pad it with a wooden block or something. Then just crank the jack until the engine swings forward and basically kisses the radiator fans. There's just barely enough room to get the bolt out once you do this. MUCH easier than messing with the subframe