DIY Xenon Bulb replacement


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Are the photos not showing up for anyone else or is it just me? I need to replace my driver-side Xenon bulb, and this guide looks like it's exactly what I need if the pictures were working. All the videos and guides I'm finding elsewhere are for MkV GTIs. :(
I cant see pics either


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The years move on and at 90,000+ miles my right (of course) HID burned out. Two hours to do that one and 10 minutes to do the other! Thanks much for this (still) only DIY on the web.
Another trick to note is that there is another way for the bulb to come out: down the inside of the fender. Doubt if it can go back in that way. It will land on top of a strut you can reach from the wheel well (with some covers loosened). I used the old bulb to practice the reassembly.


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My driver side HID bulb burned out at ~8y/80k miles. I decided to replace both. As others have said, the driver side took much longer (1 hr). The passenger side took maybe 10 min. No space on the driver side.

I used 4300k Osram OEM bulbs.


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Thank you for the guide. It was difficult but eventually successful. This was my second try. Gave up last time and took it in to North Vancouver Volkswagen on Marine drive. Charged $600 to change the bulb including labour and part. Talked them down to $500. Will never go back there. They also messed me up by swapping the new bulb from the battery side to the right. Of course, 3 months later the old one burnt out as well (now on the difficult side of the car). Anyway, was very motivated this time. Thanks for the instructions!!


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Here in 2020 to say thanks for this step by step guide. Turned out to be more helpful than most videos I came across. (y)(y)(y)


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Removing the headlight assemblies is unnecessary, although it gives you a little bit more finger room. Disconnecting the battery is unnecessary too, unless you take the battery cover off, because the ballast connector is grounded and will short out on the starter lead. Ask me how I know.