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Sorry family, looks like you're sitting this one out 😋
Yep! It’s usually only when I’m going hiking that the dog gets to ride in the GTI, otherwise we cruise the T&C.


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I don’t mind the expense if the value is there. Are you pleased with fitment, how’s the rattle if any? My setup is for a 70lb dog. I usually drop the seat and strap in a crate but then I can’t travel with the whole family.
i dont have it myself, but there's a couple of other threads of people saying they have it and are happy with it, no rattles, etc. the reviews on amazon are great too

here's a couple examples-
I have the Travall one you linked to (or the one that is sunroof compatible), and it is awesome.
pulled the trigger and got it. Gotta say I love the thing. Fits well, no rattles, easy to install and remove as needed or just leave in full time. Only complaint is that it will not work in conjunction with the hatch area flip up cover. Other than that, I could not be happier.


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Link to this cage partition please?
Sorry, no link. Bought it back in 2010 from Keffer VW. It’s a VW accessory, with a VW part number. Mine is actually for a MK5 because the MK6 version wasn’t out yet. Had to do some trimming of the mounts to make it work, but it’s been great. Zero squeaks, rattles or noise.

Might be worth asking your VW parts dept about it? Or I’m sure that Travall unit is good as well. I looked at those too - very common over in Europe, where people are more serious about cargo/pets being restrained. Might even be the law over there.


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Love dogs! I’ll play.... quick shot of my yella labs.....old vs young

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Who's got them? I grew up around pitbulls and American Staffordshire Terriers my whole life, but here in Ontario we have breed specific legislation which outlaws them. Moved on to a Cane Croso a couple of years ago when my last pitty passed.

How do you dog proof your ride? I have an amazon cover for the back seat which works fine, but he's a big boy with loose jowls and gets his drool on the cloth on the arm rest, and back of the head rests often. I found this Sonax product to work wonders on the cloth seats:,aps,155&sr=8-2

fuck laws about which dogs you can and can’t own. It’s literal dog racism. Pitties are the sweetest most loving dogs ever, that crap makes me so mad. I have a staffordshire terrier/boxer/lab mix and she’s incapable of harming someone
I miss having dogs. When I got married and my wife gave birth, we had to giveaway our dogs to my brothers and sisters because my son had asthma. My cocker spaniels were shedding like crazy so I had no choice but to let go of them.

I’d sooner put my son up for adoption than my dogs lol

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My 9 m/o Belgian Malinois and my gf’s 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. We love our girls


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I have one of those dog canvas things for the backseat of my Alltrack. But it’s still not enough to prevent the dogs from trying to put their front paws on the center console. Anyone use any kind of F/R partition to keep the dogs in the backseat? I actually still have the cargo cover from my last MK7 (oops, forgot to put it back in before trading in) so I’ve been using that but it’s really not meant for it, one day the loop is gonna break on the tiny little fabric loops