Door seal keeps popping off


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Every time I open the rear driver's side door, the seal pops off, and I can't close the Driver's door unless I reseat it. Do I need to replace the seal, or can I use some sort of adhesive to stick it in place? Also, what is the name of this part, if I need a new one?


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Hard to see in the picture you took for sure, but if it goes all the way around the door it's #5 in the parts diagram. Those fit into the door opening itself, usually they are c-channel slip on. You can actually see the c-channel in the seal you are holding, it's like a slit on the outside. If it's falling out the rubber is old and lost it's grab. You should just replace it, it's not cheap. I suppose you could glue it on but then it will be a mess if it ever had to come off of course.