DPF and loss of turbo!


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Hi Golf crew.

So, a couple of weeks ago i bought a golf plus tdi 2.0 2009

within a week of having it i was driving on the motorway and hadnt even hit 80 before the glow plug light starting flashing and the turbo cut out.

i pulled over, turned the engine off then on again and it went lovely, for 20 minutes then the same issue...

i took it to the garage that i bought the car from and he said that he cant run a diagnosis because the light wasnt on when i turned up there, but not to worry... because it had been sitting there for a while at the showroom, it needed a good ragging!

i had a long drive home and the same flashing light came on plus the engine malfunction light. it flashed up saying something like engine workshop.... and the turbo went again

i took it to a local garage because i bought it from somewhere 130 miles away (working there) and he said it needed a service and a dpf regen. the work was carried out over the weekend and the place i bought it from agreed to cover costs. happy days...

anyway this morning i am driving to work and it WAIT FOR IT!!!!!! flashing light and loss of turbo. the bloke plugged in the diagnostics computer and the garage has very good reviews and local regard..

has anybody else had this issue and know what it may be? I cant take it into the garage until the weekend because im working long hours

thanks in advance... GEORGE


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if you haven't already, you should post this on the TDI Forum. Not many posts about TDI cars on this forum.