Drivability Issues on First Test drive


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I finally got my wire connection issues sorted and have my 2011 gti cranked and running/idling nicely.

The problem occurs when I start to accelerate for my test run.

The car starts performing as normal as i let out the clutch, but once i get past the initial off-idle acceleration, the engine won't pull and usually dies?

same thing occurs in reverse.

It has the same sensation as starting from a stop in 5th or 6th gear....

Any ideas? fuel starved? intake/injector leaks?

the only codes i get are for random misfire (usually cyl 1 or 4) only if i rev to 3 or 4k rpms and hold it there.


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Could be a vacuum leak. Did you replace any of the PCV system during the rebuild? Did you use the correct amount of the anaerobic sealant on the head? You could check the vacuum pump gasket, the manual says to replace it every time.