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I have DQ250 02E DSG in my 2010 VW GTI.
It had a bad clunking in reverse and drive when shifting into. I pulled it all apart. The clutch basket was not shimmed correctly, and when I pulled the case apart the Diff pin was slotted and it moved back and forth.
I bought a Wave Trac LSD and cleaned the inside out of the trans. replaced internal filter diff bearings, and shimmed it per spec.
I bought all new switch kit for the mechatronic. replaced all of them.
Replaced all clutches and shimmed per spec.

When all back in the car, I did the basic settings, even checked the coding. The problem is that when I put it in reverse and or drive, the trans starts bucking back and forth. I did a check of faults and nothing. I did a full scan and got 01314, 01315 codes but this may be from the KO4 tune and stage 2 tune on trans?

I need my car back. any clue why it bucks back and for the continually would be most helpfull.