Dsg transmission sudden overheating


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So last Thursday I was driving to work early morning . Car had been on for about 10 minutes not even.driving normal,going about 50mph in automatic then out of nowhere I get a message on the screen as my rpms fly up as if I’m pressing tha gas in neutral. saying the transmission Is too hot please stop . I pull over immediately and let it cool down. But when I turned the car back on 15-20 minutes later Basically all gears were neutral.i had it towed to my mechanics shop. What the heck could the issue be?! I’m new to VW so idk what could be going on. I wasn’t launching the car or driving it hard. Just randomly popped up. I have a stage 2 Cobb tune that’s been on the car for about a year. And just had my dsg fluid changed 2ish months ago

Also . If I do need a new trans. My code for mine is msy. I can’t find another msy to save my life. Is there really no other way i could use a different dsg trans code?