ECS Tunings Stage 2 Clutch. Too Good to be True?


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Welp, I'm flashing stage 2 tomorrow and I have no clue wether my clutch will slip, I'm guessing it won't judging off how stiff it is for being a 68,000 mile car which I bought with 62,000 miles and am 90% sure it was a new clutch. But hey, you never know. Regardless of the outcome I'm going to take it easy on the car as I save up to buy a stage 2 clutch. I was mainly looking at ECS tunings stage 2 clutch but I feel like its too good to be true. If anyone has had experience with this thing or can tell me if it is too good to be true then please, let me know. Considering how huge of a company ECS is and how many products I've ordered from them, I trust them. But still, you never know, 600 bucks for a clutch and flywheel that can supposedly hold 400 ftlbs of torque. Seems sketchy or like I said, too good to be true. If anyones got any other good clutch recommendations that won't break the bank lmk. But like I said, I'm mostly interested in this ECS clutch because of the price. Also another question, would I even need a new fly wheel being only at 68k miles?

Link to the ECS Clutch:


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Seems sketchy, but they have a surprising long history of selling clutches for a variety of cars and feedback I've read has been largely positive. So unless you're looking to challenge that 400 ft lb limit I'd guess that it'd work just fine.


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Someone has to be the guinea pig, why not you?


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I’d be the guinea pig, but I haven’t managed to kill my original clutch yet.