ECU remapping


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Hi all, newbie here.

I am due to test-drive the new Mk VI Golf GT 2.0TDI this weekend, and it is looking likely that I may be persuaded to join the Golf club (and defect from the MINI Cooper S one)!

If I do decide to buy one, it is likely I'd be looking to get the ECU remapped. I note Upsolute and others are now offering a chip retune for the mk VI, but I doubt there's anyone who has had theirs done yet, given the new model's only been out a short time. Maybe some mk V 2.0TDI owners could share their experience. Does the remap cause any undesirable effects, such as rough idling, etc?



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As the mk6 has the new common rail diesel engine in and the mk5 has the PD unit there far different in design and power delivery so its not a good comparison imo.


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the new CR doesn't give as big gains as the old PD does it ? Something like 170 compared to the PDs 180+ IIRC


I have seen numbers between 185 and 190 for the 140 HP TDI MK6 when looking up software tunes


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Grettings all from across the pond. Owner of a new Golf 2010 TDI very nice indeed. Have been driving a 1995 Golf III Sport fot the last 10 years. First new car in a long time. I am researching remapping the TDI ECU and found one from Revo Technik, says HP is up from 140 HP by 35+ and torque by about 58 ft Lbs. But do you all in Brittian etc, have the 140 HP TDI or the 170 HP ones. Looking at doing the upgrade, any suggestions.

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Upsolute are quoting 177 bhp.

the 2litres GTD is 170ps - about 167bhp (with 258lbs/ft torque)and thats a factory tuned option, surely 177bhp does seem like much of a step up!

I have been a bit confused as the the range of engines vw seem to offer at minute, I have the 1.6tdi which seems to be in most smaller stuff and the option for the golfs upto 105PS then 2litres are found in the GTD? or is there still a 2litre tdi SE or something?

I am wondering how much mapping can be done to just the 1.6tdi if vw offer such massive gains on the GTD.


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Hi all, im new here also.
I have had my gt 140 for about a week now and have done some investigating.
Some private companies are quoting figures of around 190bhp, however after speaking with ABT of germany they have reccomended not tking the 140 past the 170 mark.
Superchips are also quoting the same figures saying that this will keep everything well within the engines tollerances.
Hope this helps.