Ed's Golf 6 HID Replica Headlights!

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Seconds - Headlight lenses will need to be replaced. There was a problem with a batch of lights earlier this year where the UV coating failed within a day of installation. Lights are almost brand new, and new lenses will be provided. You need to bake the headlights to remove and replace the lenses.

Lights only had a few weeks of use, and that is the only issue with them.

Option 3 - Black with LEDs - $400 shipped
Option 4 - Chrome with LEDs - $400 shipped

I only have 2 of each option available.

Add a HID kit to any of the headlights for only $70.[/COLOR]
Please pm me or contact me at: to order.[/COLOR]

  • Appears identical from the front with the OEM VW Xenon headlights.
  • Uses a 10 pin connector, just like your halogen headlights. Does not work with OEM Xenon equipped cars.
  • Uses a D2H or D2S HID bulb. A hole is predrilled to run the wiring for your HID kit.
  • Easy plug and play, may need to code to remove any bulb out errors because of the HIDs.
  • All the other bulbs are included.
  • Made by a different factory than the first generation headlights I was selling.

Depending if you have a Golf, JSW, or GTI, the coding my vary a little, I will gather and post a summary of what coding is needed.

Review can be found here.

My old add with reviews are here:

Option 1 - Original OEM Look - $500 Shipped or $550 with the HID kit

Option 2 - Black R OEM look - $570 Shipped - available from my supplier

Option 3 - Black R OEM look with 15 LEDs -$550 Shipped or 600 with the HID kit Shipped

Option 4 - Chrome OEM look with 15 LEDs - $550 Shipped or 600 Shipped with the HID kit

To order:

Just pm which option you want, and if you want an HID kit plus your full name and email. Or go to this link on VWVortex, and use the Buy Now button.

Buy Now link is below.


for front fog as drl along with LED----

BYTE 18 - is 20
BYTE 14 - is 0B (check bit 1, bit 3)
BYTE 15 - is C4 (check bit 6, bit 7)
BYTE 24 - is E4 (check bit 7)
BYTE 27 - is 24 (check bit 2)

this is the following

LED DRL and FOG light DRL at the same time

to have JUST LED DRL:

same as above with this one exception:

BYTE 14 - is 09 (check bit 3

Quote from MMM.PWR

My setup:

-OEM LED tails w/o fog.
-Euro switch w/o Auto.
-Ed's OEM-like headlights w/ LEDs.
-TRS D2H: Morimoto Elite HID System (EliteD2H)
...Ballasts Morimoto 3Five (35w)
...Kelvin 6000K
...Wire Harness H7
...Wire Harness Type Standalone Can-Bus

Coding: byte 18 is 1F. DRLs are OFF (for the euro switch to work)

Function: LEDs are the parking lights. Meaning I have the flexibility of:
-LED + tails
-LED + tails + fogs
-LED + tails + fogs + low beams / high beams.

That's all I needed to code. No bulb out errors..

Basically, add the HID kit, and do some coding as per above, aim the lights and that is about it.
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I found this great link with an indepth review of these lights compared to the first generation lights. This is from Australia, and they refer to the first generation as the Chinese lights, and the 2nd Gen as Bold Sport, eventhough it's all made in China, but at different factories.

There is some useful coding info, and a trick to get the LEDs to function as your DRLs and stay on when the low beams are on. Have a read, please buy from me, not Bold Sport!!*Updated*

Firstly, thanks to the many people who have sent me messages etc thanking me for my first thread on my review of the Chinese Replica headlamps. Over 17, 000 views, not bad. Glad I could be of assistance to many of you, especially those who bought a set.

So here is my second review for a new alternative for people wanting to upgrade their halogen headlamps on their Mk6 Golf with HID headlamps.
These headlamps are sources from Unlike the Chinese Replica’s, on first glance you will notice these replicas look 99% identical to the factory OEM headlamps.

Let’s do a comparison spec from what I know between, OEM, Chinese Rep and Bold-Sport Rep:

Chinese Replica & Bold-Sport Replica Side By Side

As per the Chinese Replicas, the Bold-sport versions are wired to suite the set-up of a halogen car, which means the LED DRL’s are actually the Park Lights. You can code your car with VCDS so the park lights become DRL’s, but this will mean the LED’s won’t activate when the Bi-xenon’s are on. To do this:

With standard Golf GTI Tail Lights
1. Change Byte 24 to E4
2. Change Byte 27 to 24

With Golf R LED tail lights
1. Change Byte 18 to 04
2. Change Byte 24 to E4
3. Change Byte 27 to 24

(these codes work on my AUS spec car)

Coding your Park Lights to be DRL’s also means it wont work like the factory OEM setup, which keeps the DRL LED’s on when bi-xenon is activated. The DRL LED’s also do not dim when turn indicator is active.


If you do a simple re-wiring in the headlamp harnesses using copper wiring you can actually have your LED's work as both DRL and Park lights using the above codes. I also get no bulb out errors!
Here is what I did, pay attention to which connectors need to be wired together. Also the copper wire will snug nicely down the side of the harness so there is no problems with the harness locking back into place or the elements touching the copper wire.



What happened to the second high beam light?

Good question. As you know, with the OEM halogen headlamps, there is a separate low beam bulb and a high beam bulb. And I thought the Chinese Replica’s replaced the indicator with a high beam bulb in order for it to continue to be compatible with a halogen car.
However the Bold-Sport version destroys that myth or at least they have worked out a way to not need the second high beam bulb. I was worried at first that I would get a bulb out error, but none came up. (Keep in mind I have coded my car to say it has bi-xenon’s before installation)

How much do they cost?

As per site when this was written: $599 which is so much cheaper than a factory option. Keep in mid this does not include a HID Kit (Bulbs, ballast etc). You will need to source that separately. However Bold-Sport provides you with options and they will even install them for you if you ask.

What HID kit did I get?

Bold-Sport kindly provided me with a few options. I originally had delivered headlamps with an OEM kit installed. However there were serious compatibility issues with this setup. The OEM kit would randomly turn off whilst driving and stay off! I now have a second pair delivered with a different HID kit that has a canbus installed. This has corrected the compatibility issue. So if you are purchasing a set from BoldSport with HID kit, ask for a HID kit that has a Canbus!

Projector Vs Reflector Headlamps

It shits me off to see people driving around with cheap xenon bulbs in their reflector halogen headlamps. If you want to install HID's you need to have a headlamp which is built for them. i.e. Projector Headlamps.
Watch this great video from the guys at which nicely explains why those guys (and girls) are idiots.

Unlike those boofheads, if you install these replica headlamps you can have peace of mind know that these headlamps are specifically designed for HID bulbs, meaning they have projectors which help focus the HID beam to point in the one direction – unlike a reflector housing. And if you have them aligned right you won’t be dazzling anyone.

Build quality & how do they look?

Well as stated at the start, these things look almost identical to the OEM version. You can’t tell the difference. I had an uninstalled lamp put next to an OEM headlamp on a GTD recently, and I could not tell the difference, visually. Quality is excellent.
Some features to note:
• These have the 15 LED’s same as OEM
• Like the OEM version, the LED light covers sit inside the black plastic housing unlike the Chinese version which have the plastic cover sitting outside.
• Don’t have the third light (indicator in the middle)


The lights are great. The light spread seems to be better than that of the Chinese replicas, but I think that might have more to do with moving from 5000k to 4300k as I have read light performance degrades past 4500k. The DRL LED colour is not the same as OEM..but its close. Much closer then the Chinese Replicas. They are white, but not as bluey white as the Chinese version. I saw a Passat the other day with DRL’s and I think the Passat has the same DRL colour temperature as the Bold-Sport version. But because they have the 15 LED’s, they look legit.
Also the BoldSports don't the active cornering which an OEM factory install has.

My verdict
If you didn’t get Bi-Xenon’s fitted at the factory and are wanting a set now, I would highly recommend this solution. Because they are almost identical to OEM, hell of a lot cheaper and no one will now the difference.
And that’s why I bought these, people who don’t know cars much wouldn’t spot the difference between the Chinese Replica and Bold-Sport Replica, but I could and it bugged the shit out of me. Don’t get me wrong, my Chinese Replica’s have been great, not one problem. But I just knew they were replicas because they only had 10 LED lights and had the halogen headlamp and third indicator light. So I guess it comes down to price, budget and taste.


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The normal non-LED's might be in my future. Very interested in the new lights.


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Hi Ed, some websites appear to offer this newer style with and integrated, round-style ballast that is attached to the dust cover, just like your early style lights. Can you source these with the integrated round ballast?

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Hi Ed, some websites appear to offer this newer style with and integrated, round-style ballast that is attached to the dust cover, just like your early style lights. Can you source these with the integrated round ballast?

Those round integrated ballasts arent the greatest. My very first order of the first gen lights had them, and overall the build quality was not that great. Basically, there were issues such as weak solder joints, and exposed bare wires. Plus if they burn out, its difficult to get replacements. I dont recommend them.

If you want the integrated ballasts look, get some from the retrofit source, and a few minutes of dremel work, you can attach a set to the back. These costs a fair bit more, but will probably last as long as you won the car.
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There were comments about bulbs not fitting into HID Projector housing, so I did some testing, I tried an OEM Osram D2S bulb, 2 aftermarket bulbs including the ones I'm including in my HID kits, as well as the H7 bulb.

The results were they all fit, the OEM Osram bulb fitted the best, the other aftermarket bulbs needed a small push to get them in. No trimming or anything unusual was necessary.
It's important to get the notches to line up, or they just wont fit. The black cover went on top and twisted into place without issue.

The H7 halogen bulb I managed to get in as well. Have a look at the photos.

Here is the OEM Osram D2S bulb.

Here is the Vacar brand and than another brand of aftermarket bulb.

Here are a couple photos showing the H7 Halogen bulb installed.

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In regards to light bleeding from the side, if it is a concern to you, a piece of foam, will solve the problem in just a few minutes. I guess you can always mask and paint that exposed area black as well.

Here is a great DIY setting up the Morimoto ballasts and how to insert the foam in there.


Had some initial problems getting the VCDS coding working, but after some work, I got a good solution. Results here

Also of interested, I saw some people who had light bleeding out the side, either from the HID or the LEDs, I was able to slide a piece of thin black foam between the LED and lense to nearly block out all light bleeding out.

Also cut a bigger hole in the cap to mount my Matsushita ballast for a pretty factory setup:


For those curious, I used 3mm black EVA foam I bought from Hobby Lobby. I gently pried the clear LED plastic away from the side of the housing and fished the foam into the space. This was a gradual process and I had to make two passes to get the foam as far in as I wanted. Some long thin pliers are needed (I used some long, locking hemostats). If you have someone can help you that would make it a lot easier.
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