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Engine mounts talk to me...


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Im APR Stage 2 with supporting mods. Daily driven 78,000 miles, OG owner

I just bought the dog bone mount, insert and new pucks. looking to maybe replace both side mounts as well, if that's something else i should be thinking about. I believe the engine movement has caused my 42DD downpipe to crack at the flange.
What are your experiences with mounts and what's recomended?


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I think if I was getting some I would do the 034 street. I'm still on stock stuff but I've had experience with other cars.

I did a racecar mount on a Mini a few years ago for a well known motorcycle racer. He made it to the end of the street before he called and said we were pulling it back off.


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The EA113 is very smooth. I have the 75A Torque Solution mount (a little stiffer as I think the 034 street and BFI mounts are 65A for Stage 1) and no complaints at all from NVH. With AC you do feel a little more and you do have to be deliberate when shifting. I would highly recommend.

The only thing is that while vibrations are very well dampened, engine braking and abruptly letting off the gas in 1st and 2nd will feel a little herky jerky, but worth the tradeoff I feel. Throttle response and just how the solid the car feels is very nice.


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I will doing BFI. I have a Neuspeed insert in at the moment and will pair that with an APR pendulum mount.


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I'm in a weird position because my car already had BSH mounts when I purchased it. No idea if they're good or bad, as I've never driven another Mk6. It doesn't feel shakier or louder than my last car, so I suppose they're all right.

I've heard from many that BFI's mounts are good, and I also like them because they're aesthetically pleasing. I know that's not a mount's job, but they're handsomely designed.


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I have 15k miles on my 034 streets and no complaints. I'm ko4
Mounts are easy to do just have to move swirl ball on one side and I think battery on the other.
Put a jack under the oil pan and a large surface area piece of wood. Try to be on flat ground so it doesn't move too much.
Be careful as bolts are steel and the go into aluminum threads. I had to swap the bracket on the passenger side because I stripped them out trying to suck the motor up. I "think" iirc they torque to 85ftlbs.


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034 engine mounts are straight garbage. Better off buying OEM again. Plenty of examples on forums and FB of failed 034 mounts. BFI mounts ftw.