EPC light help


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I turned my car on yesterday and got an epc light and car went into limp mode. Completely stock 110k miles this is the first time its happened. I turned it off then back on again and the light went out but the car still isnt running right. It feels like the turbo is not creating or holding boost correctly.

Just from reading other threads it seems to me that it could be the wastegate being stuck or a loose hose. I am going to check later today all my hoses and make sure everything is tight. Does anyone have any idea what it is? Fingers crossed I dont have to replace the turbo but I am not optimistic lol


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Scan the car for codes FIRST. That might help you diagnose things quicker/easier

Could be misfires, could be vacuum leak, could be boost leak...........

Without a code, we're just guessing. Maybe it's your left filangy, or your flux capacitor may need more juice. :cool: ;)

Seriously though, the codes will really tighten up any diagnosis and save you some time.


At 110k could also be the cam follower(CF). If it were the CF, it would drive on light throttle...but would not go at full power under load. Just can't be certain by the description of symptoms. Yes, it could be a failed DV, pcv, or leaks. Is there a place nearby where you could pull in and have the codes read?