EPC-> stall and then check engine light


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Hey guys,
Driving a 2012 GTI. I got a EPC light flash then a stall happened and then engine light came out. Checked the fault code, turns out its reading P0314, and from searching online im getting that i need to change the ignition coils. I did replace my spark plugs about a year ago, and cylinder 4 iginition coil (The other were good at that time). So i just wanted to know if anyone else had this code and they did something else to rectify this issue.



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I would replace the other coils before trying to think of other issues. I believe bad coils are the most popular cause for the EPC light. Just get a set of red tops and call it a day - hopefully the light will go away.


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How many miles?

I would replace all the coil packs like Torga said. They are pretty much a maintenance item. FCPEuro is where I got mine. They offer a lifetime warranty.


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Easy way to diagnose if its the coilpack is to just swap #4 to another cyl and see if the code jumps cyls. Better than dropping $100 on a new set without figuring out if its those first. If that doesn't work check the plug in it, a lot of things can cause misfires in a single cylinder like a bad injector too.


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So its been more than a week, and I guess I fixed the problem? I changed the engine oil and cleared the code, and so far its been flawless. Maybe one of the ignition coils came loose? and while i was working on it was put in place again. I really dont know lol. I usually get these problem during winter, maybe the cold weather has something to do with it?