Error: Airbag Car Wont Start


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ok, so I tried to start my car and it instantly shows "Error: Airbag" , I drove my car just fine yesterday, also when trying to crank, the whole dash/mfd flickers, all the lights(air bag, check engine, etc) also stay on when i leave the key on the "on" position.

also another weird thing, when i got out and locked my car the alarm beep sounded like it was really quiet, it didn't sound normal.

car is 2011 mk6 gti apr stg 2, had no problems recently minus coilpacks and plugs that were changed


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Check the battery voltage

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got around to checking it, it was completely dead, i do not think i have ever seen that airbag error and flickering before so i thought it could have been more serious. thanks!

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