Eva, The Carbon GTI


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My Intro

My name is Brad. Recently moved to Fort Worth, Tx and work in the IT Department at Amazon. My main hobbies are tinkering around with my car, building computers and photography. None of which are cheap which would probably explain why I'm broke all the time.

Previous Car

I previously had an 02 Audi A4 B6 3.0 Quattro 6 Speed that I aptly named Frankenaudi. I considered it my first car as it was the most significant to me. First car I bought with my own money, Car I learned how to drive manual in, First car I dumped a decent amount of money and time into. Put a lot of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears) into it but increasing reliability issues amongst other things made me come to the realization that I needed a new car and it would cost more than the car was worth to fix all of it's issues.

My Mk6

Let me start off by saying no, I won't be doing what I did to the poor Audi to my Mk6. Before I got the Mk6, I was looking at other Japanese cars like a 2008 STI Hatch or any S2000 but I kept feeling myself gravitate towards the VW's and Audi's and that's what I eventually ended up getting. I gave it a test drive and immediately fell in love. The Mk6 is a 2013, 2 door, 6 speed with the cloth interior. (I prefer the cloth due to the design and the fact that it gets damn hot in Texas) I purchased the car back in June of this year with roughly 50k miles.

Current Mods

-Lowered on Coilovers; (They were on there when I bought the car and have yet to get the chance to see what brand they are which scares me a little. They ride fine. Stiff, but fine)

-Neuspeed Intake; Ew, I know. It was also on there when I purchased the car. It will soon be replaced with an APR Carbino

Planned Mods

I don't really have any set plans. My plans are forever changing, forever evolving. I would like some wheels that resemble the detroits with either a very deep concave or deep dish but wheels like that will also annihilate my bank account. If there is one thing that is set in stone, it is that it will be receiving the wide body treatment from Ingo Noak.

Oh sweet jesus, this tickles me fancy:wub:
Current Issues

Carbon Buildup causing coldstart misfires (what a surprise lol)
-weird, quiet, squeak/chirp coming from shifter when I let off the throttle

Anyway, that is all I have to say for now. Posts will be few and far between as I am usually quite busy. I may post a bit of my photography on here but don't expect any big mods anytime soon. I look forward to my time on this forum and hope to meet some great people along the way.


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Got a partial sponsorship from Radi8 Wheels and got these bad boys put on yesterday.

The wheels are the r8t12 and I absolutely love the way they look. They do rub quite a bit when going over bumps but that can be fixed.

(Also, I apologize for the size of the photo. I'm a noob and even when I shrink the photo down, It posts it like that)


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You work in IT but can't shrink photos...? :D

Nice Car! :thumbsup:

lol i was thinking the saaaame thing.:laugh:

rims look cool though... car sits nice. personally the way that wide body looks i'm no fan of it.


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tell me how you go about getting a wheel sponsorship?


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tell me how you go about getting a wheel sponsorship?

Radi8 is a smaller company that doesn't really have any ties out here so I pitched them the idea of sponsoring me so I can help spread their name in the DFW Area. Basically, you have to look at it from a business standpoint. You can't just be like "yo, sponsor me. I have 300 followers on instagram."


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Photo Shoot:

Was finally able to go out yesterday and snap a few good pics of her with the new wheels:

Need to get something for the front of the car as it seems a bit bland now with these wheels. Probably the ECS Front Lip or perhaps the MK6 R Front Bumper. It'll be awhile before I do either of those, though.

Yet again, I apologize for the size of the photos. For some reason, when I shrink them down before I post them, it restores it to its original size in the actual post itself.


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Those look very cool.


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Did a few more small little things. Mainly making the red trim in the grill a more of a brushed silver to suit the car better.



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Update: I'm not dead (Not Yet)

It's been a hella long time since I've posted on here so heres a little update on the MK6:

New OSRAM Xenarc Headlights supplied and sponsored by Mill City Auto

Needless to say; I am absolutely 100% in love with these. They somehow change the look of the whole car and get rid of those; in my opinion; hideous halogen housings



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those headlights are badass!!!
when you first posted those wheels I wasn't too sure what to think, since scrolling through more pics i have come to liking them. nice looking car man!