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Excelerate Performance Presents:

iAbed Industries 2.0T TSi Rear Main Seal Solution

Do you own a 2.0T TSI powered VW or Audi?

Have you had pesky oil leaks or have been chasing other drivability issues for what seems to be an eternity? First, we are sorry to hear that,
but we have some seriously good news for you if you are in this scenario. With this good news comes great information, this information
will help you find the right parts to properly make your repairs.

If you don’t know of iAbed Industries maybe you recall the name INA Engineering. These two companies are one in the same and founded
by Issam Abed. IAbed Industries has been engineering custom performance parts; complete fails safe solutions and much more for the
VW and Audi market for more than a decade. Needless to say the company prides themselves in innovation and persistence to further advance
the reliability and overall longevity of modern VW/Audi engines.

The TSI’s rear main seal is stamped construction and uses a flimsy and very thin rubber surface to seal around the crank.. The iAbed Industries
solution uses a billet machined plate that is bored to a larger diameter to make clearance for use of a Viton rubber seal that is more heat, fluid
resistant, and more than double in thickness. In other words it makes you feel a whole lot more confident when installing
the new part when removing the old.

Whether you are looking to fix a problem that is wide spread or enhance performance you can expect the same thought, design, engineering,
fit, finish and overall end result to be just about the same with every part. The 2.0T was a great advancement of the FSI engine, but iAbed looks
at engines from an engineering standpoint and how to make something good, great. That is what he did here to further advance the TSI powered platforms and for the
greater good of those who drive these cars every day.

So, how can you get your hands on one of these awesome little contraptions? You can find them here on the webstore.

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Hey guys, we still have iABED rear main's in stock, get them before it's too late!

Click here to read up on this great piece, or click here to shop!

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iAbed has stopped sending us the VR seal and is now using an elring seal now. We will provide replacement part numbers for the elring seal once we receive them.

@detroitmk6gti as far as the seal into the flange? or the assembly onto the car?


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Onto the car. Because Ik vw makes a special tool ensure the seal goes over crank properly and doesn't bind up

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If my iAbed seal hasn't been installed yet and it came with a VR seal, should i use the elring instead?
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