Exhaust options??


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So I’m a broke 17 year old. My dad gave me his 2010 gti and said I can do what I want as long as it’s my money towards it. I have a cold air intake on it right now and I’m trying to save up for some coils right now. But I want a little more engine noise right now. Is there a recommended exhaust option? Maybe cutting something with out getting drone or hurting my car? Or do I just need to wait for a legit performance exhaust?

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Cut out the resonator. Counter-intuitively, it actually doesn't introduce any drone at all. That's probably the cheapest way to get more sound.

Some people have cut off little parts of the suitcase muffler to further free up sound, but you'll have to research a bit for that - I can't remember exactly what to do.

Edit: Performance catback doesn't really exist for this car - all the power comes from changing the downpipe and getting a corresponding tune.


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Resonator delete is cheapest option and sounds great imo. CBE don’t offer much performance benefit. Downpioe with high flow cat will get you more sound and power.