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As a VW nut for many years, I had a pleasure of owning (and mildly restoring) a 'scruffy' old bug that was being used everyday by a school teacher. This was obviously before I moved to Canada! He was called Winston and was an August 13th 1957 build (two weeks into the square window production - just missed being an Oval :( )


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When I was a Drill Instructor, the other DI's used to say that when I got on a recruit, I was so loud it was like I was yelling in surround sound...hence the nickname Bose. Been with me ever since.


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limon was a nickname i had in high school in dominican republic... everytime we would go out drinking i would usually have Rum 7up and lime ... hence the LIMON and that would be at least 3 times a week so i would always carry around a bag of Limes ...


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I've been using my username on all car forums since my first VW....which was an 88 GLI.


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trigger has been my nickname for almost 8 years in the military. Long mission first deployment in Iraq that got a little crazy and the nickname stuck. lol storey is just my last name.


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MPower because i love ///M cars and 10s because im a tennis player


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Pmanpop cause my name is paulo, i am a man (or a boy), and cause im poppin. Its from 9th grade and maybe it still applies. The pop part.


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My name is JP and at a friend's grad party back in high school we spray painted our names onto a sheet. I spelled my name out as Jaypee, but the paint ran on the 'y' and the second 'e' making it look like Jaxper. The name has kinda stuck through the years and has been my internet alias ever since.


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ahahaha, I called it^ before even opening the thread. amazing