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Tactical Pancake

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Tactical Pancake.

I was in Afghanistan and someone sent me a box of bisquick in a care package. So I made pancakes. While on patrol I whipped a pancake out and ate it. One of my buddies fell down on the ground laughing, pointing, and shouting ITS A TACTICAL PANCAKE!!!!

And thus I was dubbed Tactical Pancake.


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nvturbo = NON-VTEC TURBO (back in my Honda days)

no..... "nv" doesn't stand for Nevada.

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When I was signing up for this forum I figured I would be one of, if not THE oldest guy here @ 68. Had another B-day since then so there ya go. That's my story & I'm stickin' to it.


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Mines my name and birthday. Not all that creative but it works.

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My first 4 attempts at usernames were apparently already taken, couldn't bother to keep trying so used my first name and car. Afterwards thought of using my xbox live username but not sure how to/if I can change it.