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External door handle not working


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I just purchased a 2011 Golf Mk6, and the external door handle on the driver side stopped working. It looks like the clip/wire has jumped out of place, but it's hard to get to through the hole for the locking mechanism. Is there an easy fix, or do I have to take the door apart? I removed the inside door panel, but it looks like the inner panel is held in place with three rivets, in addition to the plastic clips. Do I need to drill out the rivets and replace them with clips when assembling?
Any advice is much appreciated.


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Try the tried and true method of repeatedly trying the door handle while someone presses unlock on the keyfob. This honestly works for most, it will pop one time out of every few dozen.

If that doesn't work, cut open the door panel and good luck, it's a pain in the arse. I had to do my passenger side since it failed while I was away for a few months and completely failed in that time.

it's more likely your latch mechanism failed. I've replaced both of mine and they both had the small servo motor rusted till it couldn't turn. Granted My car parked outside in severe winters so it saw a ton of moisture.


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Thanks for the reply. To me it looks like the wire got disconnected from the door opening mechanism. The mechanism seems to work, but I can see that the wire just hangs loose inside the door. Will your method work in this case also? Can the small part attached to the end of the wire engage the door mechanism again? Ir is this method just if something gets stuck or rusted?