Failing Waterpump Extended Warranty suit...


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Sounds like it. Will need receipt, your insurance payment notice, and be within the mileage/year limitations since failure.

I'm going to the Dealer Thursday for OC and Timing Chain, I'll bring the paperwork and ask the Service Rep, hopefully they can help me out. I only forked over $250 for the insurance claim, it would be nice if I could even get $100 back.


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Just to be clear if you are claiming for the water pump only , you need very little evidence of following the maintenance schedule. As the only maintenance on the cooling system is keeping some coolant in it and maybe a change of the coolant when/if VW recommends. However if your engine failed due to the water pump failing, then you need to show all your maintenance records.


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This just shows the importance of keeping all those old invoices! I now have a 2018 GTI, my old 2010 is but a memory ( It was a great car!).
On my 2010 the water pump failed twice. Once under warranty at 40k, once outside of warranty at 77K.
I recently got $800 back from VW for a (preventive maintenance) timing chain repair on the 2010, now it's going to be nice to get $650 back for a water pump replaced back in 2016!
I thought they werent doing any reimbursement unless the timing chain had failed and caused engine damage? Can you elaborate on the process a little? Pm me if you can.


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I thought they werent doing any reimbursement unless the timing chain had failed and caused engine damage? Can you elaborate on the process a little? Pm me if you can.
I PM'd you. It's very similar to the water pump issue. If the timing chain tensioner needed to be replaced, and you paid to have it replaced, you would be reimbursed 100% for the cost of that 'repair'. Furthermore, if a failure of the tensioner caused engine damage, you would be reimbursed for the a certain % of the cost of that repair. But any claims needed to be submitted by January 25, 2019.
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I received this letter as well a few days ago. I found it ironic because I checked my coolant level a few days ago and it was slightly below the min line... Do I smell a failing water pump??? This is the revised version as well, so we'll see. I already had it replaced under the recall. I decided to top it off and will keep an eye on it.

I also had the waterpump officially fail at around 7k miles from brand new. It was replaced with the same one, not yet revised, but then the recall had it replaced with the revised. If it's failing again, that'll be numero 3 at 54k miles on a 2014... I imagine I qualify for this class suit, although I thought it was only for people that actually paid out of their pocket expenses on replacing the part...


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Is the settlement website still working for you guys? It's telling me the site can't be reached and I've tried a few times over the next few days.

Quick question for you guys since my 3rd water pump just failed lol but this is the first time out of warranty. From how I'm understanding the letter, if I have my invoice that I paid for this water pump out of pocket I should be getting reimbursed right? My car is 2012 mk6 with 85k miles, I got the pump taken care of at an independent shop. Thanks in advance


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Has anyone taken advantage of the extended warranty, yet? My 2011 with 89k dumped all it's coolant yesterday from under the intake manifold. If it's the water pump, it should be covered if I take it to a dealership, correct?


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My water pump started leaking after 103,000 miles and just a few months after 10 years. Kind of ironic I think. I replaced the water pump a few months ago and a few months later it's leaking again... one of the plastic coolant tubes that connects to the water pump broke. So looks like I will be replacing that tonight...


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Following for the same reason. If I had to guess I think it will be soon but curious to hear from someone.
I was also part of the timing chain settlement and was pretty stoked to get a check for about $850 for that one. The water pump check will be a nice bonus.


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I submitted the documents earlier in the year and just received a letter in the mail stating I needed "supporting documentation reflecting my adherence to the vehicle maintenance schedule relevant to the function of the coolant system, including use of the specification of coolant fluid by VW and Audi, during the time I owned the vehicle, within a variance of 10% of the scheduled time/mileage requirements." Has anybody else received this letter?

What I don't understand is that there is no maintenance related to coolant, other than to check level. I provided the free 10k, 20k, 30k maintenance records from the dealership earlier in the year and a detailed log of all the maintenance that was done to the car, not sure what else to submit...


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No freaking idea man. The dealer that did my free manifold upgrade just went ahead and put in the new water pump while they were in there, no questions asked. 🤷