Fault code & missfire


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Just had a diagnostic run on my Mk6 GTi and I'm having the code p0172, misfire on cylinder 1, I really really need help here as this misfire is stressing me right out! I've had the advice of an airflow mass meter sensor being thrown out due to having a k&n panel air filter, I've had the cam shaft sensor changed, all plugs now NGK and all Bosch coil packs, a full service and still getting the check engi e light showing, and to rub salt in the wounds I was due a re map today and was turned away due to this fault! And I'm on my last nerve with it before I hastily hand it to a dealership to be robbed and have it fixed that way!! Please please help me if you can!


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You've gone deep into the pool already. Since you've already addressed the MAF and it's a misfire on a single cylinder consistently it might be time to look at possibly a bad fuel injector.

How many miles? Did you look at your plugs when you changed them, notice cylinder 1 looking different?