Feeling sluggish in 1st-3rd gear


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I recently noticed that when I accelerate quickly I have less power and have more turbo lag than normal making my pulls a lot less satisfying. Based on my little bit of research my DV could be leaking because my car as 150k+ miles, but I was wondering if there is another part that could be failing because I don't hear my DV screaming over the spool of the turbo. Either way I will probably replace the DV, but please recommend anything, thanks!


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With the amount of miles you have I would consider the stock turbos wastegate flapper could be failing, its a relatively common issued on the IHI K03. I just replaced my turbo at 110k, I had a rattle noise (Even with the anti rattle clip on it) an was getting low/inconsistent boost symptoms. I was able to see it as I had a Cobb Accessport. So I knew I wasn't building boost at times. Not sure if you just going by feel, but the car felt like a 100hp N/A motor at times an those were the times I couldn't get more then 2-5 Psi.. Long story short swapped the turbo out, an my wastegate flapper was just flapping around all loose, lots of play, so it wasn't sealing to allow pressure to build. But I'm sure there are plenty of other things it could be. Just one thought..
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