Fender Rolling North NJ


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Some more fender love for this MK6. Got new Rotiform wheels, needed to keep fenders happy :D



Passed Driver's Ed

A little background story:
So, I got into a minor accident where I needed new fenders. I got the car back from the collision center on Friday and didn't have time to get the fenders rolled before attending DubRun 2015. I met Frank at the show for the first time and he noticed that I needed my fenders rolled pretty badly.
So, the next morning he took time out of his Sunday to help me out. It was a little more difficult to get the Eastwood Roller on the fenders since I had Airlift performance struts spun up with an inch and a half of thread showing. However, Frank was persistent and began calling his friends for help. Finally, we used a strut spreader tool and managed to get enough drop to get the roller on the fender.
I cannot thank you enough Frank for an awesome job rolling my fenders and helping me out before my long trip back home to Virginia. If you are reading this and you need your fenders rolled. Look no further. Go to Frank! He gets the job done perfectly. Thanks again, Frank! See you around buddy!
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Got some cars done this past week. took a pic of 2 of them.

WS6 Firebird needed to get 275s to fit.

EVO 10 prepping for the "drop"

TE-37s on the evo. one of my all time favorite wheels!