Few suggestions


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Hello Mods, i am not sure if below issues were considered in the past.

- Buyer / Seller feedback section in classifieds.
- Way to contact mods (through email or any other means) if we are locked out of the forum.

I am bringing up issue 2 as i was banned from the forum couple of months back. I did not involve involve in any arguments and did not receive any warning before this happened. I assumed this was an error but there was no way to contact any of the mods in this forum. So i had to contact a fellow member in another forums explaining the situation and inturn he had to contact the mods for me. Based on the feedback i received from the mods, looks like i was banned by mistake.


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although on my computer there is a contact us button (not sure if you tried that)
None of that is available, if you cannot access your account / forum. I tried everything for more than a week in different devices / browsers.

Also they did not approve my new account request which i created to contact the mods during that time as well.