Fixed headlights and tail-lights not working fully


Passed Driver's Ed
So I fixed this issue I had on my GTI; the headlights, one of them won't work, and tail lights one of them wouldn't work, same with brake lights, one side wouldn't work.

BUT once I unplugged my fog lights HID ballast(left and right), all of them started working fully!

Not sure if this happened to any of you guys, and if it does, check by unplugging anything that can cause it not to work fully...
Check fuses for sure before doing this, which I did, and all fuses look good.

I will buy new fog light ballast in the near future to see if it will happen again.

I hope this helps someone down the road.


Passed Driver's Ed
The problem is back... half of the lights won't work (front headlights, rear tail-lights, signals, brake lights), removing the fog lights did not fix this problem. At least not for long.

I checked the fuse box (in the engine bay), F16 30AMP (GREEN) fuse was burnt at one side of the fuse, replaced, and all exterior lights work. I did not fire her up and drive around with the lights on, will do that later tonight.

I might also change F26 Big block fuse. I will monitor F16 30A fuse to see if it burns like the previous one.
My buddy says it's being over-loaded, and the F16 circuit is for right headlight... my right headlights are D1S HID bulbs (aftermarket), I got them last year, I'm thinking of also getting it replaced...