Flako's 2013 MK6 DE GTI Build


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Hello guys,

Here is my 2013 VW GTI Drivers Edition, I have done a lot in the last 2 years but no updates. my Ig is @Mk6_flako, just in case anyone wants to follow my updates on IG.


2013 Candy White Drivers Edition GTI, DSG

Cobb Accesport / Stratified Custom 93 Oct Tune / E30 Tune
TVS Stage 3/Custom TCU Tune

-Garret GTX2867R / Internally Gated
-VF Engineering Turbo Manifold
-Stratified 5th Injector kit / Aux Kit - Link
-Fluidampr Engine Damper
-PTP Turbo Blanket
-PTP Underhood Insulation
-Integrated Engineering Intake
-ARM Motorsports 3-inch Catless Downpipe
-Custom 3-inch Cat-back / Magnaflow Exhaust and 6-inch resonator.
-OEM Audi R8 Red Top Coil Packs / NGK Iridium IX Spark plug BKR8EIX
-034 Motorsports Catch Can
-ARM Motorsports Outlet pipe
-Unitronic DV Relocation Kit
-Turbosmart Kompact EM Plumb Back DV VR1
-Treadstone TR8C FMIC / LT Motor Sports Custom Aluminum Piping
-CTS B-Cool Billet DSG Filter Housing
-034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Insert
-034Motorsport Motorsport Dogbone Mount
-034Motorsport Upper Dogbone Mount Insert
-Black Smooth Expansion Tank & Washer Fluid Reservoir Cap Set

-Colored Match Side Markers
-Höen fog lights Bulbs
-Zika LED Golf R Tail Lights
-Maxton Designs R32 Valance
-Telson GT6-S - Carbon Fiber Rear Roof Spoiler Wing
-OEM Golf R side skirts
-OEM Golf R Front Grill

-CJM Industries Double Gauge Pod
-AEM Boost Gauge
-Innovative Motorsport Ethanol Content Gauge
-Audio integrations 8 Inch Subwoofer Enclosure
-Sundown Audio 8-inch Sub-Woofer
-Skar Audio RP-350.1D Amplifier
-European Headlight Switch

-Tyrolsport Stage 2 Hatch Brace
-BC Coilovers DR Series
-Swifts Springs - 7k upfront 7k in the rear

-Enkie RPF1 18x9 +35 - Powder Coated KINGSPORT GREY
-Firestone's Firehawk Indy 500 225/40/18
-Motorsport Hardware ADAPTER / CONVERSION STUD 14×1.5-12×1.5
-4 Piston Wildwood Brakes / 330mm 2 Piece Rotors with EBC Red Stuff pads
-Rear Wildwood rotors with EBC Red Stuff Pads
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Tints done

Then later that week I revived my ecs vent pod and aem digital gauge

I as well did an oil change . I have never liked castrol so I jumped over the recommended oil list and saw that Motul 8100 X-Cess Engine Oil (5w-40) was on that list

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Nice progress so far. Also, nice list of future mods. Keep it up man!

Jack Sparrow

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Well done. What are the specs on the tires?


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its been a long time since I updated this build log, the car now has a 5th injector set up from stratified, hopefully, we can make 400hp soon,

as well the car has some new mods,

  • Wildwood 4 piston caliper kit with their 330mm 2 piece rotor
  • Tyrolsport Stage 2 Hatch Brace
  • 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Insert
  • 034Motorsport Motorsport Dogbone Mount
  • 034Motorsport Upper Dogbone Mount Insert
  • Turbosmart Kompact EM Plumb Back DV VR1
  • Fluidampr Engine Damper

Just to name a few. the build log has an updated list of all the mods the car has

I'll post some pictures here of the mods

Don't mind the rotors, they were being changed at the time of the picture




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Something else I did was add the CJM Dual Pod with my aem boost gauge and Innovative Ethanol gauge. soon ill be doing an e30 setup and this gauge will tell me the ethanol content in the tank