Flat Rate Secret Santa 2019


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Last year was a lot of fun and I'd like to see if we can get some good participation again.

Link to 2017.
Link to 2018.

The rules are simple:

1. PM me your home address by midnight, December 13th. Your forum name will be the contact on the shipping address. If you PM me your real name I will assume you want it on the label as well.
2. On Saturday, December 14th, I will randomize the list of participants and PM you a shipping address.
3. You will send a small flat rate USPS box with the contents of your choosing to that address. People have asked if they can use a larger box, that's entirely up to you.
4. Upon receiving your package, you will take a photo of the contents and post on this thread.
5. Food is allowed. If you have a food allergy please include that in your PM to me so I can let your Santa know.
6. Must be over 21 to participate, alcohol has been known to be gifted.
7. Unfortunately due to outrageous shipping costs, this is limited to US members. Feel free to start your own for your area to spread the cheer around the globe.

Have fun with it! If you sign up and decide later you might be too busy just let me know before I start sending PM's.


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Down for this fo sho. Don't expect another jacket Dutch.... Fresh out

VW dress socks always makes a cool gift.


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I'll run this for a decade and then give all Santa's my address for the last one before moving in January. It'll be the perfect crime.


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I’m in!
Hopefully I get someone as good as last year! [emoji8]

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Im in, might be moving so ill keep u posted on the address. Will let you know for sure by dec 1

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To anyone who has sent me a message and hasn't gotten one back, please send it again. I'm not sure if anything got lost during the switch.