Flywheel Kaput!


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Soooo... The DMF is done for follow its gradual decline. It has been mentioned it discussed in the forums since the before warranty ran out IIRC and noted by the VW dealer.
A week earlier a set of new solenoids came in the mail but it seems the issue was the big DMF.

The Mechatronics unit never failed. Car shifts perfectly. Then it broke. Quickly...
That messed up the clutch pack as well. A member here gave me a lightly used set of clutch discs and they're nowhere to be found online except some Czech site.
Should I use the used ones or buy new ones? OEM or add a set of upgraded packs? That seems costly given the ones I have look new

Anywho luckily the tranny didn't get messed up.

The vehicle has 90K miles and, after these repairs hopefully will be problem free. In the past 25K miles it got a new water pump, intake manifold and the carbon buildup was thoroughly cleaned down to metal at 78K. Almost a new car; have a warranty to 125K for injectors and the repairs.

Ain't it funny how car repairs can make the most subtle non-expenditures feel like a win....?
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