For Sale or Trade: 2000 B5 Audi S4


Autocross Champion
Potentially looking to sell or trade this car!

2000 Audi S4
123500 Miles
Clean title
Manual, all time AWD
2.7 V6 Twin Turbo
~350 WHP
Black on black
Sell price: 13,000
Trade for: Manual GTI, could be MK5/MK6/MK7, cash on top depending on the car.

Short bio:
I decided pretty quickly upon learning these cars did exist in the states (having never seen one in person) that I just had to have one! It's such a simple but good looking, rare car with a super proven powertrain! Well, I made my wish come true around 6 months ago but now that it's off by bucket list I'm ready to keep switching it up. That's kind of what I do, I guess.

This is a very fun, great sounding car that I don't daily drive (work from home, have a work truck) but would if needed, no questions asked.

BorgWarner K04 Twin Turbos
6-Speed Manual
Recent Timing Belt / Water Pump
Sachs Clutch,
JHM shifter
Differential Upgrade
Koni Shocks, Eibach Springs, Hotchkiss Bars
Borla Exhaust, AWE Pipes and Cats
New parking brake hardware 2018
Front fascia – new bumper, paint, headlights in 2019
change of Redline transmission and differential fluids about 4,500 miles ago
silicon hoses,
MTM tuning,
Recent Service Records and all upgrade documentation
Factory options included the Cold Weather package (heated front seats, mirrors, ski sack), Other factory options included were Alcantara seat inserts, a Bose sound system, and a sunroof. The tuner and previous owner was Audi Master Tech Steve Justin, he had driven the car 16k miles since acquiring it from a customer of his shop 13 years ago
A transmission overhaul with updated 2nd and slider gears was completed by an Audi dealership at 80k miles.
The car has been serviced by the previous specialty shop during his ownership, with only Audi service parts used.

Car comes with a folder full of receipts and documentation.

* I polished the car to as much of its former glory as possible and ceramic/graphene coated it.
* Rear shock mounts NOT rotted away!
* All dash pixels work!
* All clear coat is intact!
* No leaks!
* Currently kind of a 'stage 2' car, if you want to make it a proper 'stage 3' car capable of ~450whp, all you need to do it injectors and a custom tune.

Known issues, none major (in my worthless opinion)
* Reverse gear tends to grind but works every time whether it grinds or not.
* Heater smells when not in recirculating mode. Likely due to OEM K03 turbo/s blowing at some point in their life leaving some residual oil on the downpipe/s. Perhaps replacing the heater core would be the solution long term.
* Rear 02 and MAF sensor codes. Car runs great, but to pass emissions, you would need to address or tune these out
* Neither temp gauge works, though car shows no signs of overheating issues.
* Center diff mount needs new bolts eventually; it was starting to clunk a bit, fixed with some neoprene material for now as a 'shim'.
* Small rust spots on the bottom of three of the doors which I simply covered in black gloss vinyl for now.
* It's due for brake pads
* Some speakers sound ready for replacement. Head unit buttons tend to stick, leaving you stuck with whatever mode you're in
* Upper drivers seat alacantara is faded to a tan color, may try to address with some fabric dye.






note: no scratches on the back, just some water/suds form washing the car you may notice on the trunk lid