Franco516 // Tornado Red Big Turbo GTI // Build Thread?


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you've proble answered this many times, what kind of Turbo Outlet pipe are you using ? @Francoleon91


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Had some fun with a buddy over the weekend. He drives a stage 2 RK tune m235i.

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The devil is in the details....beautiful aesthetic :love:


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Got the Fluidapmr installed over the weekend. Would have tried it myself but dont have the right tools for the job and 100$ isnt too bad.

Few things to note:
-NVH has chilled out A LOT. specially with all aftermarket mounts, NVH is almost non existent.
- Idle is way nicer.
-Revving is easier, making rev-matching crispier.
-Clutch chatter is the same but decel/gear noise is gone.
- slight bump in top end power. Nothing crazy.

All in all im super happy with this pulley, works as advertised. Also, ive been on the same tune since I finished with Alex back in late 2019. My car has never seen 28psi EVER, now all the sudden after the pulley is installed my car is making & holding 28 when it usually makes 26-27psi, confirmed by both my Cobb AP and analog gauge. Either the fluidampr did that (doubt it) OR when the charge pipe was re-installed it fixed a leak I didnt even know I had..
Ill be doing some logs when it stops raining and having Stratified take a look.

But yeah... get your self a fluidampr, that shit works.




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Definitely one of my favorite upgrades. It's really tough to do on jackstands since the crank tool to hold it is super long and it's almost impossible to get enough lift/leverage on jackstands.