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Front lighting/ Fog Lights issues


New member
Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone had experience of, or knew causes for electrical problems. It is a 2009 and the front drivers fog light is staying on permanently. steering wheel is straight, cornering lights have been turned off in VCDS, the switch gear works all as normal, i.e. when front fogs are switched on the passenger side goes on and off with switch, but right stays on. I am chasing myself in circles here, not sure if there is an issue with the ECU, if it is controlled through the steering angle sensor, or how it is working. Just fed up of the issue but not to keen on going to the Stealership if i can help it. Also not keen on pulling the car apart but may have to if it is a broken wire causing a constant live to go to the unit, Is also throwing a bulb out warning, but all bulbs are intact and working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.