FS: 2013 GTI APR Stage 2, 72k miles, meticulous care and service - check it out and give me an offer :)


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Located near Minneapolis, MN.. I am selling my 2013 GTI.. It breaks my heart to see it go, but it's for the best. I need a bigger truck for my business..

I bought it CPO from Luther Westside with 34k on it. The first owner did oil and all service (seen in CARFAX). The car still is still dang near immaculate.. I am meticulous with my machines.. there is ZERO rust. The exterior paint only has very minor imperfections. Interior looks brand new as well.

First off, I will tell you the car was involved in very minimal fender bender a year ago, the front grill and emblem were replaced immediately, you cannot tell at all. Title still clean obviously..

I have done everything to take care of this car. cleaning and waxing, proper warms ups, wear ins, proper service at every single 5k interval, I did them myself (ask my girlfriend she will tell you all about it) and did them right.

MANY critical components have been replaced preventively.. I was on it.. Again, I planned on continuing the build and going K04 next summer... but plans change.. This car is a great opportunity.

-72k miles on it and parked for the winter - there's a reason there's no rust
-A/S Sport tires at 85% tread at least - I am betting more
-New performance (ECS STAGE 2) clutch & flywheel at 65k miles - feels awesome
-New intake manifold at 70k
-Full carbon clean at 70k - it's squeaky clean in there
-APR stage 2 high tq tune
-APR downpipe
-APR Corbonio intake - a real cold air intake system
-Short shifter
-Upgraded dog bone mount insert
-Audi R8 coilpacks - real ones
-Allow wheels (I have original for you as well)
-Hatch-pop kit installed
-New plugs at 60k
-Battery is good
-Fluids / brakes are flushed and fresh
-Pioneer touch screen
-BACK UP CAM (amazing)
-JBL speaker system
-Pioneer 4 channel amp INCLUDED - the sound is awesome!!
-Hook up for sub under seat to rumble your bottom.... it's nice..
-Oil changed every 5k.
-Timing chain still way within spec (I monitor it and always have)
-I have a hitch that I have not installed - included

-Brake pad indicator light came on last 200 miles or so. Rotors ARE SOLID so only need new pads.

Water pump is a factory recall, so when if and when it starts to fail (absolutely no signs now), they will fix it for free.

This car was my life. I planned on driving this car for years to come. I just need a bigger truck for my business.. I have put years of meticulous care and work in this machine, I hate to see it go.

I can comfortably say this car can have hundreds (plural) of miles left on it with the right next owner, and I want it to go to someone who will truly value this machine.

This is a relatively low mile car.. with the tune and quality parts that are in it, you get a super sport edition of a perfectly well maintained GTI.

I am open to offers.. unless you have a diesel F-350 (sad I know), I need cash only.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Here's the CL ad. Same info as above just a little dumbed down for the general public.

Here's the link