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FS: ATL - Mk6 Cobb AP V3 & CTS Turbo Intake


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Hey Guys, just sold my mk6, I had just went stg 2 so all my parts are basically brand new. I have the following parts for sale;

Intake - CTS Turbo - $275

Downpipe - Arm Motorport 3" with High Flow Cats - Sold

Cobb Accessport - V3 - $600

PM for pictures or any other questions
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*Disclaimer: IN MY OPINION* The price on the AP is too high. On sale it's $607.50 brand new. If a person buys a used one and it hasn't been uninstalled from the previous car it costs $150 to relicense the unit. They usually sell around 500 on the used market... There is one local to me listed for exactly that much. And exchange would be made FTF to show installation state.