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I don't see any miscellaneous classifieds section on here, so I guess I'll post this here even though it isn't GTI related (though it is in a way, as you'll see)

Up for sale is my Xbox 360 and everything I have for it, since I'm going off to college next year and I'm not bringing it with me (too many fun things to do in college to waste time lol). I'm looking to do a local sale in Socal, but if someone not local really wants it for some reason, I'll look into shipping. Also, while I want to sell everything as a bundle, I'm willing to do a part out if anyone wants one specific item from the list. Here's what will be in the bundle:

$95 Xbox 360
$45 20gb hard drive (price reflects games on the hard drive)
$40 Wireless network adapter (for Xbox Live)
$28 each 4 wireless controllers (white)
(Comes with console) Component cable
(Comes with console) Power cable
(Comes with console) Headset
(Comes with console) Original manuals (for everything: the controllers, 360, network adapter, etc.)
$13 Call of Duty 4 (including the map pack)
$20 Call of Duty: World at War (have all the map packs for this one on the hard drive)
$25 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
$38 Call of Duty: Black Ops (including the map pack)
$7 Battlefield: Bad Company
$27 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
$8 Forza 2/Marvel Ultimate Alliance
$22 Forza 3
$10 Gears of War (Limited Collector's Edition in metal case)
$10 Gears of War 2
$5 Crackdown
$1 Big Bumpin (one of those funny Burger King games)
$8 Halo 3
The following are on the hard drive: Oblivion (full game), NHL 3 v 3, Worms, Uno

I'm looking for $400 for the whole bundle, but I'll take offers. And the tie in with the GTI? I'm trying to scrape some cash together to chip my MKV GTI since they're all pretty much having spring sales right now. Let me know if you're interested in the bundle or even if you want any individual items.
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Damn... nice ass list of games lol
Free bump :thumbsup:


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Damn... nice ass list of games lol
Free bump :thumbsup:

thanks. if anyone wants the whole bundle, I'll throw in my current profile which has really high prestiges in all the CODs, 6k gamerscore, and generally high levels and lots of unlocks in all the games I have. And I'll make a sick ass MKVI on Forza 3 before handing it over to you :cool:


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Games, controllers, headset, and manuals

Sorry, my fast isn't included, it's just a pic whore :p

360, hard drive, and wireless network adapter

Games on the hard drive (edit: Black Ops isn't on the hard drive, it's just in the recently played list)

My super awesome profile

OMG 12th prestige!!

BTW, any of the pics that make the TV look grainy are just a result of the fact that I'm shooting a pic of a TV screen with a crappy point and shoot. The component cables are actually giving me a HD picture on my LCD, but obviously I fail at taking pics of a TV screen.
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how much for the harddrive shipped to 54703


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Big Bumpin was the shit. I still have mine. lol.

Sucks your going to miss Gear of War 3

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seeing that I have about every game you do.. minus forza 3 how much for it? :thumbsup:


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Honestly bro I wouldn't sell it. I know what you're saying that you don't want to waste time in college but so many of your friends will have it that you'll miss playing. Plus you won't get anywhere near what you spent on all that stuff.

In any case, if you REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to sell it, my advice would be craigslist. It is absolutely awesome for finding local buyers for random stuff, especially electronics.

Good luck!