FS: MK6 Golf/GTI UBER-STEALTH Underfloor Sub Setup


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I'm posting this in the regional forum because I'd rather not ship it, so local pickup only please. I live in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and can also deliver or meet you within reason.

If you've looked up Uber-stealth subs, you've probably seen my giant thread detailing the full install and calibration of my setup. I traded in my GTI this pas weekend, so I'm selling the setup. It's really a fantastic upgrade with zero space compromise. The sub is not the MB quart that is pictured below. That one sucked and blew out. The sub included is a much better Pioneer unit.

Sub: Pioneer TS-SW2501S2 (sold for about $100 MSRP)
Amp: JL Audio XD300/1 (very small 300 watt class D mono sub amp), sells for $250 on Amazon
Box: Uberstealth with liquid sound deadening and color matching carpet, sells for $310
Signal Processor: AudioControl LC2i, sells for $100

Also included is the custom cut MDF that goes under the passenger side foam so that your rear floor sits level, and also makes a spot to mount the amp:

Total MSRP for all: $760

Of note, the sub box has been tuned with the perfect amount of poly fill, tested by my ears and an SPL meter. The LC2i and Amp are perfectly tuned for a GTI, so this is ready to go as soon as you wire it in. Speaking of wiring, all wiring is included, except for the RCA taps off the rear speakers and the power cable for the amp.

I'm selling it together all for: $500


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woa that's awesome. Did you have the factory cover over the top of it?

Yes, you put the factory cover right over it. It works fantastic since you don't have to make any space sacrifice.